a bit about us.


stephanie trejos

steph is our operations director. she makes sure everything runs smoothly, from client onboarding to project completion. basically, she's the training wheels that keep this thing from falling over.

*vital stats:

favorite color: emerald green

finds inspiration in: random acts of kindness, family, food

when she's not running shit, she's: learning the art of beer pairing with her brewmaster boyfriend, picking up cooking techniques from top chef, trying to keep up with her zany latin family; or literally netflixing and chilling with her russian blue (but actually gray) cat.

olivia phillips

liv is our creative director. she doodles, designs, and makes your wildest dreams come true. okay, maybe not "wildest." she can't give you a pony.

*vital stats:

favorite color: sunflower yellow

finds inspiration in: nature, vintage ads, also food

when she's not creating, she's: reading (and rereading) through her cookbook collection, getting a good sweat sesh in (barre3 is her favorite); laughing with her mom and sister; adventuring with her boyfriend; or snuggling with her (extremely adorable) jack russell terrier.